Purveyors of Natural Products for the CBD Industry

Ideal Organics uses only Colorado USDA registered hemp farms to produce a high quality broad spectrum CBD oil. Our product is third party lab tested at two separate stages of production to ensure consistent potency and quality. We then blend our hemp derived CBDs with organic MCT oil to provide a healthy medium for you and your pet to ingest. And because the hemp plant is naturally low in THC, you and your pet can safely consume Centennial Gold and Oliver’s Oil without any psychoactive side effects.

History of Ideal Organics​

Ideal Organics was born out of necessity. Founder Zach Howard and his wife, Dr. Meghan Shannon, needed something to help with their dog, Oliver’s, quality of life. They wished they had something that could have made his life more comfortable, and from there, the idea of Oliver’s Oil was formed.

After seeing success with Oliver’s Oil, they expanded their company to include the Centennial Gold line, a human version of the product that is incredibly effective and accessible.

Our Mission

To provide people and pets with the highest quality, low cost, effective CBD product.

Message from our Founder

We hope that you get as much benefit from Centennial Gold & Oliver’s Oil as I have. May this product allow you to continue in your life the way we’re supposed to – happy & healthy!

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