Quality CBD oil for a variety of needs and tastes.

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The same high-quality, hemp-derived CBD phytocannabanoids found in Oliver’s Oil are now available for people! Centennial Gold comes in both Full-Spectrum and Isolate CBD tinctures, with Mint Chocolate and Unflavored options to provide for a variety of needs and tastes. In depth, precision dosing guidelines will help to meet your specific needs. All Centennial Gold products are intended for adults and are completely non-psychoactive to insure safe use.

Suggested CBD dosing based on weight

<100lbs = 20 – 45mg
<120lbs = 20 – 55mg
<140lbs = 25 – 70mg
<160lbs = 30 – 80mg
<180lbs = 30 – 90mg
<200lbs = 35 – 100mg
>200lbs = 35 – 120mg

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Ideal Organic CBDs are expanding nationally and new retail locations for Centennial Gold and Oliver’s Oil are continually updated here. Find a store near you!