OO - Bacon Flavored - CBD Oil Tincture – 1200MG



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CBD phytocannabanoid support for the mental and physical well-being of dogs and cats. Oliver’s Oil can be given orally or added to pets’ food and treats. Our all-natural bacon flavoring helps accommodate even the most finicky palettes.

Each bottle of high-potency Oliver’s Oil contains 1200mg of CBDs to extend its use for longer needed applications along with maximizing usage on larger breeds. We’ve even added more CBG and CBN in each bottle to help amplify the benefits for all pets!

Cost-effective, verifiable high-quality ingredients, and always completely non-psychoactive.

Active Ingredients per mL:
Hemp CO2 Extract 30 mg

Inactive Ingredients per mL:
Organic Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil
All Natural Bacon Flavoring

  1. Shake well, start low and go slow.
  2. Give twice daily; ideally with meals.
  3. For adult cats and dogs only.

One full dropper squeeze = 1/2 mL

  • Cats 1/4 mL
  • Dogs Under 10 lbs. 1/4 mL
  • Dogs 10 – 25 lbs. 1/2 mL
  • Dogs 25 – 50 lbs. 1 mL
  • Dogs Over 50 lbs. 1 to 2 mL

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January 29, 2021

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is the primary cannabinoid in the hemp plant. One of the first ever isolated, Cannabidiol is most widely studied chemical compound cultivated from the Hemp plant because of its potential health benefits and lack of psychoactive effects.

What is the difference between hemp and Cannabis that is cultivated for THC?

There are 2 different Cannabis cultivars: Hemp with high levels of CBD and low THC, and Cannabis sativa with high levels of THC (Marijuana) and low CBD.

Legal hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you “high”). The USDA states that hemp with less than 0.3% THC is legal when grown by a USDA-licensed hemp farmer and produced under a USDA authorized program under the 2018 Farm Bill. (1)

Ideal Organics products only use USDA Colorado Hemp to insure its consistent quality and maintain a THC level between 0 to .08% – far less than the legal amount.  This is to ensure that our products never cause an unwanted psychoactive effect from high THC.

How do CBDs benefit people and pets?

All mammals studied have been found to have an extensive Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which helps to maintain homeostasis in our bodies. Phytocannabinoids in hemp plants bind to our ECS receptors and can help facilitate this balance. This is why CBDs have been shown in studies to benefit a wide and ever expanding list of afflictions.

There are over 23,000 scientific papers published on humans, pets and 24 other species demonstrating mechanisms of action and benefits of CBDs for osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain, atopy, epilepsy and cancer (2, 3)

Are CBD products safe?

Hemp-derived CBD products are non-psychoactive and have no known serious side-effects. However, not all products on the market are tested and may contain unsafe compounds, or no active CBD at all. That is why Ideal Organics products are 3rd party tested and can be traced from seed to extract, and we provide access to every Certificate of Analysis (COA) verifying what is and is not in our products (verified high levels of cannabinoids, while being free from pesticides, fungus and harsh chemicals). If a CBD oil salesman claims to have products high amounts of CBDs with a low price and no COA, it is likely too good to be true. If the company cannot provide a COA, their products could be useless or dangerous for you or your pets.

How are CBDs dosed for people and pets?

Every animal’s endocannabinoid receptor profile is unique and different conditions may require different dosing. Ideal Organics provides detailed dosing charts for both humans, dogs and cats to assist in application, however it is best to start at the low end of the dosing range and titrate up or down until you find the desired response. (4)

Who is Oliver?

Dr. Shannon holding Oliver

From Dr. Meghan Shannon: “By the time I met Oliver I was already a seasoned pro at fostering, treating health conditions and then finding new homes for pets in need. Oliver was a stray one of my clients adopted from a local shelter, and I cared for him for 2 years until his owner had to give him up.

I offered to take him in and find the perfect someone who wanted to adopt a senior poodle and keep him comfortable for his golden years. Sincerely trying to find him a home for 6 months before I accepted the fact that he was tethered to my arm and belonged with myself.

Oliver clearly was not as geriatric as we had originally thought because he became a massive part of my life for the next 8 years. He came to work with me every day and was a beloved fixture at my clinic. Our bond was intensely strong and when he passed away the pain was nearly unbearable, but I knew he would always be part of my heart. He may have only been six pounds, but his enduring impact and memory carries much more weight.

Having Oliver become the name and face of Ideal Organics pet CBD oil is the most perfect way I know to honor a tiny dog who forever changed my life in the same way I believe CBDs can change the lives of the pets we love.

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As our dog of 14 years, Boyington, was nearing the end of his life with cancer, he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. While it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to stand and walk, it was clear he was not yet ready to leave us, and he remained adamant about following us from room to room and accompanying us to drop off and pickup kids from school, as he always had. Looking for ways to improve his quality of life and relieve his discomfort, we turned to Ideal Organic’s Oliver’s Oil.

Boyington perked up after just a few doses! He was much more comfortable moving around and playing, and his appetite picked up helping to recover some of the weight he had lost as the disease progressed. In addition, Ideal Organic’s customer service was fantastic, and the quality of their product was top notch and well-documented. They provided third-party lab analysis testing results with the product as compared to some companies that peddle CBD products of unknown purity, potency, or process method (isolates, distillates, or whole plant), or are of an altogether different source that they pass off as CBD to unknowing customers.

The remaining few months of Boyington’s life were greatly improved by Ideal Organic’s Oliver’s Oil. Despite having no real health issues prior to his cancer diagnosis, I wish that I had discovered Oliver’s Oil sooner, as I believe it would have improved Boyington’s overall quality of life and improved his elderly discomforts (arthritis, etc) in his later years. I recommend Oliver’s Oil!

Mike Hawes

Pet Owner & Satisfied Ideal Organics Customer